When you need a fast cheese or meat cutting machine consider our Titan IVS Slicer. Emerging from four years of intense research and development, Titan’s patented Involute Vision Technology delivers real-time scanning that can grade and sort 1600 slices per minute at 97% accuracy to the human eye.

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With a brief of delivering the biggest throat possible within the smallest possible footprint, the Titan 200 packs all the features of the larger models into a compact unit with an equally small price tag.

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The Titan 500’s unique electronic adjustment capability, pack weight is controlled as it’s sliced, consistently delivering ‘on weight’ packs and removing the need for vision system.

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This Slicer is designed for mid-range producers looking for a premium slicer that is small in size and high in value. The Titan Compac Slicer delivers outstanding value without compromise.

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Welcome to the Innovative Design of Titan Slicing Systems.

When cutting-edge New Zealand engineering meets innovative industrial design… you get world leading processing technology.

Titan Slicing Systems manufacture commercial slicer machines. Whether you need a commercial meat slicer suitable for all meats, a more specific machine like our Titan bacon slicer machine, or a slice machine for other goods like cheese, we have the slicing machine to suit your needs. Furthermore with the ability to manufacture virtually every component of our machines in-house, we are uniquely positioned to custom design a slicing system to suit your specific requirements.

Titan Slicing Systems is backed up by 25 years of experience. With superior construction, renowned performance and off-the-shelf parts available worldwide, processors the world over know they can rely on Titan.

Contact us to talk about the real advantages in safety, versatility and value that Titan Slicing Systems can bring to your operation.

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Innovative Design

Leading the market with exacting customization & superior construction

Unsurpassed Reliability

Renowned performance and off-the-shelf parts available worldwide

Unmatched Hygiene

Streamlined, safe and straightforward – no fuss cleaning

Unparalleled Support

Operator training, programmed maintenance, and ongoing production optimization

Superior Results

Increased throughput, higher yields, minimum changeover time and greater quality

Superior Safety

The largest barrier-free guarding gives Titan Slicers the highest standards of safety